'A Slice of Cake' - TERMS/CONDITIONS
'A Slice of Cake'  - Wedding & Celebration Cakes made to order
Terms & Conditions
All payments are to be made by cash, bank transfer or credit or debit card

A 50% deposit (non-refundable) is payable on all celebration cakes payable at time of
all celebration cake balances are payable 10 days prior to delivery
(If a celebration cake is ordered within 5 days of required date full payment is required at time
of ordering)
A £75 deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE) for 3 tier cakes, a £100 deposit (NON-REFUNDABLE) for 4 tier and above is payable on receipt of invoice, if
this is not paid at time of ordering and we do not receive the deposit within 5 days of placing
the order, your cake and date will not be guaranteed, and we are under no obligation to
produce your order.
Wedding Cake order balances are to be settled 14 days prior to delivery date by:
Debit/Credit card
(Please allow 4 days before balance payable date for monies to reach our account)
cheque ( to be cleared by due date)
Cash (by post (recorded delivery)
Bank transfer
(Bank transfers should be in our account by close of business on the balance due date)
Delivery charges will apply as per delivery charge page if applicable
All celebration cake orders cancelled within 5 days of delivery date will be required to be paid
in full
All deposits are non-refundable
Liability & Refunds
In the unlikely event that you receive goods which were totally different to what you ordered,
or which are damaged beyond repair or defective, or are of a different quantity to that stated
on your order form, 'A slice of cake' Ltd shall, at its own option, make good any shortage or
non-delivery, replace or repair (as best as possible), any damaged or defective goods. If there
is a refund to be considered the maximum refund we offer is the value of the damaged cake, (
or part damaged cake if there are more than one cake delivered ie tiered cakes) if the cake is
unusable the full amount will be re-paid, (on return of the cake as delivered in full) if a cake is
damaged but then used for an occasion and consumed we will only refund a portion of the
cake price at our discretion. These terms will only apply if we are notified of any such error
within 24 hours of delivery & no refunds will be considered after 3 days from delivery. No
other compensation is available or will be considered.
All wedding and celebrations cakes when delivered will require a signature either by
the customer or venue recipient to confirm the product has been delivered and in good
order, once signed all risk and title will be passed to the customer or venue recipient
after any product ordered has been delivered, relinquishing 'A Slice of Cake Ltd' from
any liability.
If you cancel your ordered cake for any reason, below is the refund amount we will refund you of any money paid minus the deposit
Wedding Cake
1 Month – No refund
2-3 Months – 50%
4-5 Months – 75%
Celebration cake refunds will be settled in 28 days from agreed refund amount date.
Wedding cake refunds will be settled in 90 days from agreed refund amount date.
We are under no obligation to issue a refund, all deposits are non- refundable, we will only
consider a refund with reasonable cause to do so.
Cake Stand Hire
All stands and cake knives hired from us, are the responsibility of the hirer and is their
responsibility to assure the safe return of the hired items within 7 days after the delivery date.
Any damaged, lost or unreturned hired items, the hirer will be invoiced for the full cost of a
replacement, plus the loss of the deposit paid, to cover the costs of damaged or unreturned
All non- collected orders will be invoiced and payment will be required within 7 days
All cakes should be stored, in their boxes, away from direct heat and in a cool dark
place. Cakes should never be placed in the fridge, unless advised. Our Madeira cake will
keep for approximately 14 days. Once cut wrap in foil or cling film to keep fresh.

Prices and Terms & Conditions are subject to change without prior notice